MOS Certification Session 2016

An informative session on MOS Certification was organized by IT Center in collaboration with Tech Education foundation, HEC and Microsoft for Student, Staff & faculty at Main Campus. More »

Inauguration of Data Center

Vice Chancellor, inaugurating Data Center at the Main Campus, Prof. Dr. Rashda Mazhar and Dr. Kalsoom along with other staff members are present at the occasion. More »

Inauguration of Data Center

Vice Chancellor, inaugurating Data Center at the Main Campus, Prof. Dr. Rashda Mazhar and Dr. Kalsoom along with other staff members are present at the occasion. More »

Inauguration of Data Center

Prof. Dr. Syeda Farhana Jahangir cutting the band of inauguration, Mr. Amanatullah Khalil, Dr. Neelam Gohar with other staff members are present too. More »

Inauguration of Data Center

The Network Administrator along with Mr. Naseer A. Queeshi and Noor Alam briefing the Vice Chancellor and Senior faculty of Dept. of Computer Science about Data Center Equipment. More »

Inauguration of Computer lab

The Vice Chancellor cutting the band of inauguration of a Computer Lab, Dr. Neelam Gohar and Dr. Salma Noor are also present with the Network Administrator. More »


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